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Mainly, I am a writer and a professor at Columbia Law School - I am lucky to have such a fun job and great colleagues. I teach copyright, communications and other stuff.

In some of my spare time, I do some freelance writing on media, culture, travel, and dumplings.   I do some photography and public speaking.  Finally, I'm involved in various other projects and nonsense which tends to change every year, depending what's going on.

My new book is The Master Switch.   Subtitle, "the Rise and Fall of Information Empires."    My first book was "Who Controls the Internet" (with Jack Goldsmith).  

A few topics are:

  • Network neutrality consumed much of my time in the 2000s.

  • The history and structure of the media and communications industries.

  • International problems faced by the Internet (see "Who Controls the Internet"). 
  • Obsessions  


My brother is David Wu, author of the XBox 360 game Full Auto, and my mother is Gillian Wu and she is a scientist.  I am married to Kate Judge.

I've got alot, alot of hobbies, many of which are obsessions that come and go. Some include mountain climbing, photography, travel, writing, old motorcycles, road trips, desert solitude -- the list goes on and on.
My best friends are the Famous Five.  


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