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Sample Trolls Discussion

“An unbalanced blindside in a tendentious hit piece which is clearly designed to advance an agenda.” “Wu is not to be taken seriously, and until pigs fly, he hasn’t a prayer of making his kook agenda stick.” The Sample Troll … Continue reading

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Back from Peru, Sample Trolls

Just returned from Peru, the most charming country in South America.  Some pictures soon. In the meantime, nice to see alot of readership and response to the Sample Troll article, including the usual and expected volume of hate mail. One … Continue reading

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The Sample Trolls

The article on the Sample Trolls ran in Slate today.   Thanks to those who have already sent comments.

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Sample Trolls

Coming this week to Slate — “Sample Trolls,” the back story of the catalogue companies that make millions on rappers from Jay-Z through Public Enemy

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Mob – Blog on Fashion

I’m doing a mob-blog at the UChicago Blog site. Randy Picker is in charge. Topic is the Kal R. and Chris Springman’s paper on the IP protection of fashion, or more precisely the lack thereof.

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Two Responses to Donna Bogatin

Donna Bogatin, who writes at ZDNet, had this to say Columbia Law School professor Tim Wu offers a somewhat oxymoronic characterization of the status of online video, “technically illegal” (see “Google ’safe harbor’: ‘Nice’ way to do business?”): It’s not … Continue reading

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Responses: International Problems for YouTube?

Philippe Gillieron writes an excellent response to my Slate YouTube article: “In an article that was published on October 26 in Slate, Tim Wu, Professor at Columbia Law School and co-author of the interesting “Who Controls the Internet?”, argues that … Continue reading

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Tolerated Use

Published a piece in Slate, “Does YouTube Really Have Legal Problems?” The concept I am the most interested in in that piece is the concept of “tolerated use.” That is, I think across a range of copyright areas, we’re seeing … Continue reading

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Google & Youtube

Without getting into matters deeply, it strikes me that rumors of Youtube’s copyright liability are greatly overstated. Read 17 USC 512(c) and tell me if you don’t agree. There are arguments that Youtube should be liable, but the text of … Continue reading

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