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In the Media
Tim Wu has appeared on television shows including The CBS Evening News, PBS, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, MTV News, NHK, and C-SPAN, and has been a guest on many radio shows including On the Media, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, Marketplace, and others.

In print, he has also been quoted in the New Yorker, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Globe and Mail, Time Magazine, and other publications.

Selected TV & Radio Appearances

PBS Special, with Bill Moyers, "Net At RIsk"

Fresh Air, with Terry Gross, "Who Controls the Internet"

CBS Evening News, Patent Trolls

NPR, On the Media, with Brooke Gladstone, Catch & Release

NPR, On the Media, with Bob Garfield, "Googly Eyes"

CSPAN, Testimony Before the House Judiciary Committee

Talk of the Nation, Science Friday, "The Future of the Internet"

Talk of the Nation, Opinion Page

On Point, with Tom Ashbrook, Internet Censorship and Surveillance